Signature Amplify FS

Signature Amplify FS

2 Person Sauna

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Get Hot with our Full Spectrum Amplify Sauna

The Amplify will provide you the most intense full spectrum heat an infrared sauna can offer. Using SoloCarbon heat as the active ingredient, Amplify will provide the therapeutic benefits of far infrared light in addition to using two full spectrum heaters which provide the benefits of near and mid infrared. Sweat deep and sweat fast with an Amplify sauna that heats up to 73.8°C

So there is no need to compromise on your sauna experience.

With simple touchpad controls and quality entertainment features, the Signature Amplify FS is a user-friendly sauna that easily fits in your daily wellness routine.

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The Signature Amplify FS series have the following features:

  • Sunlighten Patented SoloCarbon™ Infrared Light Therapy with highest quantity of IR into your body
  • 2 Full Spectrum High Intensity Heaters = 73.8°C Max Temperature
  • Ultra-low EMF and Environmentally Safe
  • Patented Magne-Seal™ assembly process for easy set up
  • Chromotherapy: Healing with lights and colors
  • Beautifully crafted with solid Eucalyptus wood
  • 36-hour session pre-heat timer and continuous use functions
  • Extra-deep bench seating for comfort


All measurements shown in centimetres.